Ms. Conn's English Writing Standards
Information Technology High School

Due to the amount of writing done in English courses, it is important that we establish some guidelines for HOW to achieve high scores on written assignments with Ms. Conn. When you write ANY assignment you are handing in for a grade, you MUST use the following guidelines if you expect a good score. For breaking some of these guidelines your work may not be accepted or graded.

1. When writing an assignment by hand, your handwriting must be legible and neat. If your cursive writing is difficult to read, then write in print. If I cannot read even some of the words, your writing loses its meaning, and you will lose points from your grade.

2. If you tear paper out of your spiral notebook, first tear all perforated edges off and throw them away. I will not accept the assignment otherwise. Make sure the work looks presentable!

3. Write only in BLUE or BLACK ink for graded assignments!

4. When typing a written assignment, use the following format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, DOUBLE SPACE, and indentations at the beginning of all paragraphs.

5. You MUST include a heading on all assignments. Your heading includes: Your FULL name, my name (Ms. Conn), the English class name and period, date and an Assignment Title (for example: Animal Farm HW, etc).

6. If you email an assignment to Ms. Conn, include your NAME and ASSIGNMENT TITLE in the subject of the email! Only email in .doc format! Do not assume Ms. Conn received your work until she responds to your email!

7. Only turn in work that is REQUESTED by Ms. Conn and only at the time that it is requested. There can be times when a homework or other small assignment is given but NOT collected. I will not always announce this prior to giving the assignment, but doing ALL assignments benefits you whether I collect it or not.

8. Take pride in your written work. If you know that you can add more to your writing assignment, do it! Practice what we learn in class by challenging yourself to use new vocabulary and elevate your language skills! Try going back and editing your work once in a while to see where you made mistakes, and then correct them yourself! It has been said that no piece of writing is ever finished, only abandoned.

9. Hand in written work that is grammatically correct! Capitalize proper nouns (America, Barack Obama, June). Write in full sentences (sentences must have a noun (subject), and a verb, generally speaking). Use punctuation correctly (such as a question mark at the end of a question). Exercise correct spelling rules (even Ms. Conn looks up words she canít remember). Don't depend on the computer's grammar/spell check; even the computer doesn't know which word you intended to use (for example: they're, there or their).

10. Have fun being a writer and be true to yourself! Writing is a medium where you can demonstrate your true voice by offering original perceptions and opinions. For this reason, please do not plagiarize (copy) work from another person or source! There is a world of wisdom, truth and experience inside each of you, and when you plagiarize you are cheating yourself of these precious resources as well as compromising your academic integrity.

*Grading: See Rubrics

  • Grading of written work will follow a grading rubric (rubrics may vary), which will be provided by Ms. Conn. The grading rubric will show if you met all the requirements of that assignment AND the structure and presentation of your work will follow specific guidelines.