The Metamorphosis Questions

pp. 3-10:
1.) Why do you believe the author has Gregor Samsa become an insect?
2.) What kind of job does Gregor have?
3.) How does he feel about his job?
4.) Why must Gregor have this job?
5.) How do Gregor's parents and sister react to his oversleeping?
6.) What do these different reactions reveal about them?
7.) How would you characterize Gregor?
pp. 10-15:
1.) Why can't the office manager understand Gregor when he speaks?
2.) What's Gregor's relationship with his parents? Is it positive or negative? How do you know?
3.) What's Gregor's relationship with his parents? Is it positive or negative? How do you know?
4.) What are Gregor's concerns now that he has transformed into an insect?
pp. 15-20:
1.) What is an example of Gregor's newly acquired preference as an insect?
2.) Which Samsa family member has taken charge now that Gregor can no longer do so?
3.) How would Gregor's new role be described at this point in the story?
pp. 20-29:
1.) What was the Samsas' financial situation now that Gregor has become an insect?
2.) Why can't Gregor's parents work?
3.) How does Gregor show his appreciation and gratitude to his sister?
4.) How is Gregor gaining insect-like characteristics?
5.) How is Gregor still in possession of his human characteristics?
pp. 29-35:
1.) Identify evidence that Grete (Gregor's sister) is growing up.
2.) Why is Gregor becoming more and more neglected?
3.) How has Grete's interactions with Gregor changed?
4.) How has Gregor's room changed?
5.) Who has moved into the Samsas' home? How does Gregor react to these people? How do his parents and sister react to these people?
pp. 35-42:
1.) How do the boarders respond to Gregor? How do you feel their response might affect their choice to stay in the Samsas' home?
2.) Who decides that it's time to get rid of Gregor? Why is this person's declaration heart-breaking?
3.) One of the Samsa Family members says that Gregor is "persecuting" them. Is this Gregor's intention? Explain your reasoning.
4.) Why does Gregor die?
5.) How does the Samsa Family react to Gregor's death?
6.) What was Kafka's (the author's) message in writing this novella?