Ms. Conn's Essential Classroom Rules

Purpose: The essential classroom rules of my classroom are intended to keep the class environment safe, orderly and productive. Please adhere to the rules so that we can maximize learning time together. The rules are not hard to follow, nor are any of them out of the ordinary. They are simply expected behaviors for high school students. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, or why they are in place, you have the right to find out, so please ask me as soon as possible. There should never be a rule that does not have a purpose. Thank you for your cooperation!

1. Respect Yourself, the Teacher and Others: Show reverence to everyone at all times, even when it's not easy. Do not interrupt others and do not talk out of turn. Your grade can be negatively affected and/or a parent/guardian may be called if you're showing disrespect to others. Respect others' property. Avoid touching or writing on anything that does not belong to you (including desks, textbooks, novels, other people's belongings, walls, chalkboard, etc.). Don't expect that others will clean up your mess. Pick up after yourself, and push in your chair at the end of class. Respect yourself and the rest of us by using appropriate language and wearing appropriate clothing. Be a kind person.

2. Be the Best You Can Be: Always do your own best work. Do quality work. Follow directions. Pay attention, participate and ask questions. Be proactive about your learning. Arrive on time to class (if you're late, sign the late book; though, lateness should be an exception). Remove earphones/airbuds/airpods (or the like), hats, and hoods when you enter the classroom. Go to your assigned seat and begin the Do Now activity when class begins. Be physically and mentally present in the classroom. You should be mindful of not abusing the bathroom pass, as it could negatively affect your class participation grade (unless you have a doctor's note). Do not get out of your seat unless you've been given permission by the teacher. Every day, you should bring pens/pencils and notebook/binder with paper (the teacher will not provide these basic supplies). Make positive contributions to class. Avoid using offensive, derogatory and profane language. In order to have a safe, positive classroom environment where all students feel safe and comfortable, please do not use swear words or demeaning language. Remember, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all! Take responsibility for missed assignments. Check my google classroom and every day. Never line up at the door before the bell; only leave your seat when the bell rings.

3. Use of Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: Electronic devices and cell phones may only be used for academic purposes. If you are using an electronic device or cell phone for personal use, your class participation grade may be negatively affected (points can be deducted) and/or a parent/guardian may be called.

4. No Food or Drinks, Except Water: You may drink bottled water in the classroom. If a spill occurs, please clean it up immediately and inform the teacher. No other food or drink is permitted in the classroom unless a doctor's note is provided. If there's a situation that you are in need of food or drink, you must tell me immediately.

5. Attendance/Absences: If you are absent, it's your responsibility to check my google classroom and make up the classwork and homework assignments. It's also your responsibility to bring in an excuse note from a parent/guardian/doctor. If you don't have an excuse note, you may not be able to make up missed work. For every day absent, you will have one day to make up the assignment. It's your responsibility to make up missing work. I do not enjoy tracking down students to make up assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects. I am always impressed when students e-mail me ( regarding an absence (either in advance or afterward) in which they explain the situation. I'm also impressed when students e-mail me the completed assignments when they are absent. Remember, attendance is optimal for learning!

6. Homework Expectations: Homework will only be accepted at the beginning of class, during the Do Now. I will not accept homework after the Do Now. Each classwork and homework assignment is worth 10 points. If your classwork or homework assignment is late, it's -1 point each day late. If your assignment is five or more days late, it's -5 points (or half credit). Punctuality matters. Do not copy, plagiarize or cheat. Originality matters. Major homework assignments and essays will be worth 100 points and will have -10 points deducted for each day late. To prevent penalties for late homework, turn in work in advance. Also, legitimate excuse notes from a parent/guardian/doctor are required to excuse late homework.

7. Writing Assignment Expectations: The work you turn in is a reflection of your effort. Whenever you turn in writing assignments, they MUST be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. You will be given plenty of notice to prepare to write a major assignment. Cheating, plagiarizing and copying from other sources are completely unacceptable and you may automatically earn a zero. If you're uncertain if you have plagiarized or copied, then see me for better understanding. The only way to improve your writing is to practice on your own!